A History Of Persian Literature

Persian literature is the jewel in the crown of Persian culture. It has profoundly influenced the literatures of Ottoman Turkey, Muslim India and Turkic Central Asia and been a source of inspiration for Goethe, Emerson, Matthew Arnold and Jorge Luis Borges among others. Yet Persian literature has never received the attention it truly deserves.


A History of Persian Literature answers this need and offers a new, comprehensive and detailed history of its subject. This 20-volume, authoritative survey reflects the stature and significance of Persian literature as the single most important accomplishment of the Iranian experience. It includes extensive, revealing examples with contributions by prominent scholars who bring a fresh critical approach to bear on this important topic.

Eight volumes have already been published by I.B. Tauris: Volume I: A General Introduction to Persian Literature, edited by Professor J.T.P de Bruijn; Volume II: Persian Lyric Poetry in the Classical Era, 800-1500 Ghazals, Panegyrics and Quatrains edited by Professor Ehsan Yarshater; Volume V: Persian Prose, edited by Bo Utas; Volume IX: Persian Literature from Outside Iran. The Indian Subcontinent, Anatolia, Central Asia, and in Judeo-Persian, edited by Professor John R. Perry; Volume X: Persian Historiography, edited by Professor Charles Melville; Volume XI: Literature of the Early Twentieth Century From the Constitutional Period to Reza Shah, edited by Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab; Companion Volume I: The Literature of Pre-Islamic Iran, edited by Professors Ronald E. Emmerick and Maria Macuch; and Companion Volume II: Oral Literature of Iranian Languages, edited by Professors Philip G. Kreyenbroek and Ulrich Marzolph.



Volume I: General Introduction to Persian Literature

Volume II: Persian Lyric Poetry in the Classical Era, 800-1500 (Ghazals, Panegyrics and Quatrains)

Volume III: Persian Narrative Poetry in the Classical Era, 800-1500 (Romantic and Didactic Genres)

Volume IV: Heroic Epic (the Shahnamehand its Legacy)

Volume V: Persian Prose

Volume VI: Religious and Mystical Literature

Volume VII: Persian Poetry, 1500-1900 (From the Safavids to the dawn of the Constitutional Movement)

Volume VIII: Persian Poetry in the Indian Subcontinent (Divans, Biographical Anthologies and Literary Criticism)

Volume IX: Persian Literature from Outside Iran. The Indian Subcontinent, Anatolia, Central Asia, and in Judeo-Persian

Volume X: Persian Historiography

Volume XI: Literature of the early Twentieth Century (From the Constitutional Period to Reza Shah)

Volume XII: Modern Persian Poetry, 1940 to the Present  (Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan)

Volume XIII: Modern Fiction and Drama

Volume XIV: Biographies of the Poets and Writers of the Classical Period

Volume XV: Biographies of the Poets and Writers of the Modern Period; Literary Terms

Volume XVI: General Index

Companion volumes to A History of Persian Literature

Companion Volume I: The Literature of Pre-Islamic Iran

Companion Volume II: Oral Literature of Iranian Languages (Kurdish, Pashto, Balochi, Ossetic, Persian and Tajik)


Volume I: A Selection of Persian Poems in English Translation

Volume II: A Selection of Persian Prose in English Translation