Mohsen Ashtiany


Mohsen Ashtiany has taught Persian literature and history at Oxford University, University of Manchester and the University of California at Los Angeles and has held Visiting Fellowships at Harvard and Princeton. He is a member of the Editorial Board of A History of Persian Literature (in 20 volumes); and editor of its vol. III. He is also a Fellow of the Stockholm Collegium of World Literary History, Stockholm University and author of the contributions on Classical Persian Poetry in the 4 volume Literature: A World History, ed. David Damrosch et al. (Blackwell's, 2020). An annotated translation of Beyhaqi' Tārikh-e Mas'udi, carried out in collaboration with Professor C. E. Bosworth and funded by The National Endowment for Humanities was published in 3 volumes in 2011 by the Ilex Foundation and the Center for Hellenic Studies, and distributed by Harvard University Press. He has also contributed to the Catalog of Mughal Paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art (London, 2016) and to the Handbook of Narrative Factuality, edited by Monika Fludernik and Marie-Laure Ryan (de Gruyter, September 2019).