William L. Hanaway, Jr. (1929-2018)

January 02, 2019

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Professor William Hanaway on December 30,2018.

Professor Hanaway was the emeritus professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, a longtime consultant and contributor to the Encyclopœdia Iranica, and a member of the Editorial Board of A History of Persian Literature.

Among Professor Hanaway’s highly regarded academic achievements are his contributions to the study of medieval Persian prose narratives. His unpublished thesis, “Persian popular romances before the Safavid period” (Columbia, 1970) remains a frequently quoted and valuable source and reference. His other works on this topic include a partial translation of theFiruz Shah Nama(Love and war: Adventures from the Firuz Shah Nama of Sheikh Bighami[1974]). He also wrote a fine study on calligraphy with his Pennsylvania colleague, Professor Brian Spooner (Reading nastaliq: Persian and Urdu hands from 1500 to the present[1995]).  Professor Hanaway was also founder of the journal Edebiyâtand its editor until 1993. 

We offer our deep condolences to Mrs. Lorraine (Kure) Hanaway and other members of Professor Hanaway’s family as well as to our colleagues in Middle Eastern Studies.