The Global 1979 Revolution: Iran’s Revolution After Forty Years

December 02, 2019
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On December 5-7, 2019, a joint conference will be held by Columbia University and NYU marking the 40th anniversary of the Iran Revolution. Entailing a pair of conferences and an envisioned edited volume, this project aims to bring together the well-developed literatures on the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the related transnational and global history frameworks to offer new insights into the forces constituting the revolution and shaping its immediate consequences. In so doing, it will situate the uprising that overthrew the monarchy and fashioned an Islamic Republic in relation to transnational intellectual discourses, cold war struggles, anti-colonial movements, religious movements and political economic processes. Our hope and intent is to engage in a generative scholarly conversation on possible modes and registers through which the “global,” “national,” “local,” and “communal” processes intersected and worked together to make the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Republic – a key modern religious upheaval and the resulting state – possible. This project is a scholarly collaboration led by faculty at Columbia and NYU and cosponsored by the Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies; Columbia’s Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life; Columbia's Middle East Institute; the NYU Iranian Studies Initiative; and the Persian Heritage Foundation.