The Columbia University Seminars - Seminar on Iranian Studies


Faculty House of Columbia University

September 3

Dr. Hassanali Mehran
Former Governor of Central Bank of Iran:  “Iran's Central Bank, Policy and Practice from 1957-79. ”
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September 19
(Special Seminar in Persian)

Prof. Farzaneh Milani
of University of Virginia at Charlottesville: “Nightingale’s Fever: The Life and Poetry of Simin Behbahani.”
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October 8

Prof. Janet Amighi
of Montgomery County College:Zoroastrian Communities in Iran.”
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November 5

Prof. James Gustafson
of Indiana State University: “Local Roots of Iranian Nationalism?: Identity and the Construction of Space in Nineteenth Century Persian Geographical Writing
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December 3

Prof. Hisae Nakanishi
of Doshisha University, Kyoto, currently visiting scholar at Duke University: “The Construction of the Sanction Regime against Iran: Political and Strategic Dimensions.
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To reach the Faculty House:

Enter the Wien Hall Gate on 116th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive. Walk past Wien Hall, then turn right to the Faculty House.