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KEMĀḴ (Turk. Kemah), a town in eastern Anatolia (lat. 39° 35' N, long. 39° 01' E), located on the southern bank of the Western Euphrates (Turk. Karasu) about 60 km west of Arzenjān (Turk. Erzincan). It was well known in medieval times for its formidable fortress, described with some rhetorical excess by Ebn ʿArabšāh (d. 854/​1450) as being “as fortified and invulnerable as the faith of the devout worshipper” with “strong foundations on inaccessible cliffs” while “on one side the river Euphrates kisses its feet, on the other a wide valley guards its loftier parts” (tr. Sanders, p. 174).