Persian Heritage Foundation

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The Persian Heritage Foundation, originally called The Yarshater Fund, was established through the efforts of Professor Ehsan Yarshater in 1983 to conduct and carry out research on all aspects (including, without limitation, educational, cultural, historical, demographic, economic and ethnographic) of Iranian world, which is not confined to the present boundaries of Persia, but extends to Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Indian Subcontinent, the languages, religions and cultures of this vast area, to continue to prepare and publish the volumes in the Persian Heritage Series (translation of Persian classics into major Western languages, particularly English, and Japanese), Persian Studies Series (monographs on scientific subjects), Persian Art Series, Translation of Modern Persian Literature Series (works written in the 20th century and later), Persian Text Series, that is, critical edition of Persian texts whether prose or poetry, Yarshater Lectures given by the different scholars in the universities of London, UCLA, Paris, and Maryland; to publish, disseminate and distribute and help others to publish, disseminate, and distribute the results of such research to support research in all aspects of Iranian Studies, more particularly the publication of the results of such research; to support the Seminar on Iranian Studies at Columbia University for payment to the speakers for their hotel and travel expenses; to assist qualified institutions and organizations that promote and further research in Iranian Studies; to facilitate the continuation of the publication of the Encyclopædia Iranica.